Like every year, 2021 too, had a lot of social media trends. While some were actually good, the rest we could have done without. Reels being the new fad among people was the highlight of social media trends this year.

From the milk crate challenge on Twitter to the Urban Dictionary challenge on Instagram, we had a lot to look (cringe) at. Today, we talk about the social media trends we didn’t need or rather should have not existed.

1. When the milk crate challenge trended on Twitter. However, it was dangerous and caused injuries.

2. Ruining Maggi throughout the year by making Maggi milkshakes, Maggi laddoos, Oreo Maggi. Ugh, can we please stop?

3. The Sabyasachi X H&M collection was straight out of your grandma’s collection but very expensive. Not just this, H&M is also selling kurtas as ‘plus-sized shirt dress’. 

 4. When people made transition reels from this problematic Instagram filter. 

5. The iPhone lock screen challenge. I know reels are the new hype but we didn’t need this.

6. The Urban dictionary challenge on Instagram. Mark yourself safe if you haven’t tried it yet. 

7. When this influencer decided to dance at a traffic signal in Indore to follow a stupid social media trend.

8. When Jayne Rivera, a Florida-based influencer was called out for doing a photo shoot at her dad’s funeral. Not everything is content!

9. Yet another influencer who decided to do a trend in a public place. Nope. A flyover is not the right place to do trends. 

10. The internet was enraged when this Pakistani influencer used lioness as a ‘party prop’. Anything for likes!

Do you agree with us?