We know how powerful social media can be in making things go viral and also how easily netizens may fall into the trend trap for a couple of hundred likes.  

People have done bizarre activities such as dumping ice cold water on oneself or dancing in the streets, not all of these challenges were harmless though, remember the KIKI Challenge?

Well, it seems like 2021 has just delivered a fresher one: the milk crate challenge.

Some daredevils turned their failure into a victory. 

Here’s a clip that plays the action in reverse and gives it a “Christopher Nolan” flavour. Did you see that coming?

However, not everyone aced the challenge. After a few videos recorded some dangerous falls, health professionals expressed grave alarm. As a result of these falls, fatal injuries might occur.

Safe to say, some were smart enough to share memes only and not actually do the challenge, or wait.. 

Is this challenge going to hail as a ‘new thing’ on the internet? Let us know your thoughts below.