The internet is a funny place, but it’s also home to some of the weirdest ideas that people get – some of which are dangerous. In recent bizarre news, a village head spent his birthday in jail, after he cut the birthday cake in “chambal-style”. Given that candles and a knife are too mainstream, so he ended up using a pistol to cut the cake.

Raju Bhadoriya, who’s a sarpanch of Gona Panchayat in Bhind district, allegedly used an illegal country-made pistol, also called, Tamancha. And while that sounds scary, specifically for a gathering to begin with, he went on to live-stream the celebration. Not that there’s much expectation around the ‘sensitivity’ of content from someone possessing an illegal pistol, but what were they seriously thinking?

Source: Times Now

There’s no doubt that they literally asked for trouble. So, after the video went viral on Facebook, an offence was registered against the accused under the Arms Act. Understandably, police arrested the three people who were involved in the Facebook live, and also seized the illegal weapon along with the two cartridges found with the village head.

Source: Navbharat Times

If you’re thinking “why” – there’s no point expecting reasoning from someone who cuts a cake with a pistol.