Don’t you wish you had taken someone’s advice before you had your first time? Someone you could turn to, just to ask all the questions that may have been haunting your mind? Well we tried the same, asking people for advice that they would give to virgins. Only, we would highly encourage you to not follow up on these-

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1. Pataa bhi nahi lagega!

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2. If a condom isn’t available then use a plastic bag.


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3. Women love rapid jackhammering.

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4. “Just follow your instincts.” Because nothing says ‘smooth operator’ like blind guesswork.

-Soumya Das

5. No female orgasm, no pregnancy.


6. It’s just like porn bro.

-Anand Thakur
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For research purposes, we would like to clarify that you would be better off as a virgin than to consider this advice!