Let’s just say that most people do not like to hear other people having sex. That’s just… not a common fetish. If, on the other hand, you are someone who gets loud and moan-y, but you don’t want your neighbour or roommate hearing all of that, it gets tricky. How to NOT make noises, right? So, the facts are that you easily get very loud, and stopping is not an option. In that case, the only possible solution is to suppress those sounds.

Redditors have some very interesting answers:

1. “Kiss your partner or stuff your face on pillows, ask your partner to put his hand on your mouth.”


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2. “Roll up a towel and put it by the door to block the gap between the floor and door.”


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3. “While this won’t cover the sounds completely (so try to still be quiet!) playing white noise will help. There are dozens of free apps you can use, plus Spotify playlists, or on a Google Home/Amazon Alexa.”


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4. “You should try gag balls.”


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5. “Play rain forest noises with lots of screeching on full volume at random times throughout the day and night… then if they hear something they might just think it the usual.”


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6. “I smash my face into a memory foam pillow if I don’t want someone to hear me, it works I swear.”


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7. “It would be a bit of an undertaking but if you had the financial ability you could insulate the walls, most interior walls don’t have insulation so sound travels a lot better through them. A product called rock wool would be good for this, excellent sound deadening qualities.”


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8. “Play some loud music.”


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9. “Alexa… play sounds of rain. Turn the volume up and you are good.”


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10. “Cheapest solution would probably be getting multiple moving blankets from Harbor freight and hanging them in front of the wall with about 5 inches of air between each layer of blanket. This will do for high frequencies, low frequencies will go right through.”


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A lot to take notes here – for those wild-sexy sessions.