Toxic workplaces are NOT a thing of the past, and for some reason we witness workplaces, and employers stooping to new lows, each day. The problematic treatment comes out in weird ways, which can be toxic positive or just plain toxic. A recent viral video not only proves that, but also shows concerning methods of employers getting their staff to be “productive”.

Toxic Workplace

The video shows a person from the office security locking the front doors of the workplace, after being told to do so. Reportedly, he was asked to shut the exit so that employees wouldn’t leave without permission. The guard added that a senior (he mentions the name, Anurag) directed him to do that. The incident took place at Coding Ninjas, where the employees were literally locked in.

Coding Ninjas issued a statement on Twitter

After the video started doing rounds on the internet, the company issued a statement on Twitter. They mentioned that it was DUE to a “regrettable action by an employee” and was rectified right after the video was shot. In the statement, the company also added that the founders apologized to all the employees. And while this official statement is something, it doesn’t seem enough.

The office security guard was asked to lock doors

Purposely locking employees inside office premises isn’t an avoidable incident. It’s concerning and toxic. However, the company hardly acknowledged the impact of this action. Most times, after a workplace is called out for such treatment, they talk about their ethics and how their actions were “unintentional”. But, that is too little, too late – given that such exploitation shouldn’t occur, at all.

Twitter is calling out the company for the incident, and their reaction to it.

Here’s the video that went viral:

Such incidents shouldn’t occur in the first place, and if (worst case scenario) they do, this is definitely not the way to deal with them.

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