The last few days have been critical for the people of Delhi, given the city’s air quality. The air quality index hit nearly 500, which is the highest recorded value, exceeding the World Health Organization’s recommended healthy limit by 100 times.

Times Of India

This means that the situation is hazardous for the people in the capital. As a result, a number of residents are also complaining of physical health issues – like cough, cold, headache, watery and irritated eyes, and breathing problems.


Of course, people have different opinions on how to deal with the situation. Living in Delhi, however, has raised a number of concerns. The situation worsens each year due to different reasons, and the pollution in the city keeps getting worse. So, commuting to places or just following a routine gets tough.

People’s current reactions say a lot:

While some measures are being taken, residents are waiting for authorities to take proper responsibility.