The desi cab drivers have been garnering attention with their savage messages and rib-tickling responses to the riders for quite some time now.

However, a recent conversation between a cab driver and a rider is both, heartwarming and hilarious, at the same time.

This Interaction Between A Man & A Cab Driver About A 'Samosa'
Credits: Pexels

Monark Moolchandani, a social media user, took to his account and shared how he booked a cab and the driver informed him that he was eating a samosa and will come in the next five minutes.

However, it was his next line that shocked the rider.

“Aap bhi khaaoge to ek le aaun?”

Credits: Twitter

Now that’s what true desi-ness sounds like. And, here are some hilarious replies from the netizens, that are too hard to miss:

Now, we are craving a samosa!