We come across some very weird incidents these days, and then there are others that just cross all limits. When it comes to work, we often see toxic workplaces and employers, but toxic employees are just as much a thing. A recent bomb threat in Bengaluru is an example, and a fair warning of what NOT to do.

Bengaluru firm

So, a Bengaluru man faced issues at his workplace, and he was suspended because of his performance. And what did the man do? He called everyone at the firm and tried to get in touch with his colleagues. When that didn’t work out, he literally ended up calling the firm with a fake bomb threat – he said that he had planted a bomb at the premises.

Employee makes fake bomb threat
Hindustan Times

Later, he called again to admit that he was lying, but the company had already informed the police by then. The police has issued a non-cognizable report and it will be converted into an FIR. And it’s concerning the lengths people go to. This incident is also weirdly toxic, because why would anyone disrupt an entire company, just because they weren’t responding.

FIR will be filed against him
Deccan Herald

Letting go surely sounds like a good idea after this incident – even if that means not staying employed.

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