I’m someone who forgets to pick things, at the last minute, especially when I’m taking a cab. No matter how much I plan in advance, I end up forgetting basic things to take with me. 

As I climbed down the stairs today, I instantly knew that I forgot to bring some safety pins that I would desperately need later. Knowing that I might not find it on my way, I anyway sat in the cab because it had been waiting for me.

Credits: Pexels

To my surprise, I saw these massive organizers and pockets behind both, the driver and the passenger seat. In these organizers, there were numerous products – from medicines and masks to newspapers and a little fan – that can come in handy, in case of an emergency.

To be honest, I had earlier seen autowallahs and cab drivers keeping water and snacks in their vehicles for passengers, through social media, but this one just didn’t have food and beverages, it had all the necessary items one can think of.

Interestingly, I also found a box of safety pins.

Apart from these things, there was also wifi service on the go. The interesting thing is that all these services and products were free. All the cab driver asked in return was feedback!

Abdul Qadeer, the driver, had another placard in the cab that read, ‘We respect people of every religion. We can’t identify any religion on the basis of clothes. We should be polite to each other. We need to be inspired by what works well for the society.

It’s people like him, above religions and castes, who bring sunshine into other people’s lives by just being human. We thank you!