Every third day some startup founder shares their daily or morning schedule on Twitter. A piece of no information that doesn’t have a lot of takers. Sadly, today is one of those days. A startup founder took to Twitter to share his morning schedule and it has gone viral. But here’s the catch – the schedule has no mention of any domestic chores and people are calling it out.

Paras Chopra took to Twitter to share his morning schedule. He tweeted, “What does your morning schedule look like? Here’s mine.” Along with the tweet, he shared a picture of his routine that starts at 7 AM and ends at 11 PM. His routine includes looking at the trees, some “deep work”, an episode of Seinfeld, meetings, workouts, and catching up with friends, to state a few.

Take a look at the tweet here.

Just one glance at the tweet and you can see that there is no mention whatsoever of any household chore. Be it meal prep, shopping for groceries, chopping vegetables, cleaning, or anything. Let’s ignore the typos in the AM and PM and it still wouldn’t take a genius to pinpoint that the schedule reeks of male privilege.

Women can’t have a similar routine because they are always made to do domestic chores while men just have to handle the office. Most of the time, everything is done for men. They can choose to participate in household chores while women don’t have that choice. Men can afford to have lunch exactly at 1:30 PM every day because they know someone will make it for them, serve it to them, pick up the dishes once they are done, and even clean and put the dishes back in the rack.

The Great Indian Kitchen
Asian Film Festival Barcelona – A still from The Great Indian Kitchen

Paras’ tweet has been viewed over 657K times and it has fetched over 1K likes and many retweets and comments. He later tweeted “Yes, this is a privileged schedule. I know it and am grateful for it” but you cannot help but look at how skewed gender roles actually are. People called out his schedule and shared their thoughts.

Here’s what they had to say.


Male privilege is real and this thread is proof.