The internet is a weird place – on some days it’s just plain annoying, on other days, people actually get to learn a little. With so many voices on these platforms, we can try and make informed opinions. On the other hand, it also reflects how a number of these voices can be deeply ignorant. A recent post by Harsh Goenka on band-aids is an example.

Harsh Goenka on band-aids matching skin tone

The RPG Group chairman is quite active on Twitter, and this time he posted something that has the internet divided. Harsh Goenka posted an image of band-aids of different skin colours. But that’s not it – he also captioned the image – “Was matching skin tones really necessary…… some innovations don’t make sense.” This opinion didn’t make sense to a lot of people, given that they found it ignorant.

The idea of a band-aid is to heal, sure, but it also covers our bruises and scrapes in a way that it looks like nothing happened. That’s quite literally the point of the “nude” colour – so that it camouflages with the skin. But again, we hardly find colours that match all our skin tones. So, seeing band-aids that do that, looks like a step in the right direction. In a way it’s inclusive – because people can actually see their skin tone being represented.

And Harsh Goenka’s dismissal of these facts upset people on Twitter.

Something to think about.