When it comes to true love, nothing can hold you apart. And that stands true for this adorable couple, Sanjay and Doug, who tied the knot after nearly a decade of dating! 


Currently settled in London, the couple decided to wear matching sherwanis and exchange garlands at the court wedding. This was done in order to honour Sanjay’s heritage – who is half Indian and half English.

We absolutely loved the traditional Indian garlands we exchanged at our registry. These were handmade by our mums and some close family friends which made them so special 

-Doug via Instagram

Doug shared that their fathers even walked them down the aisle as they officially married each other. The two, who originally met at the Manchester Pride in 2009, call it ‘love at first sight‘. 

The couple, who go by the Instagram handle thetravellinggays, have been to over 50 countries, including India and love travelling together. Doug and Sanjay are ready to welcome a beautiful baby into their lives, two years after they tied the knot. 

BRB, trying to get over this fairytale romance.