Watching people fall in love or celebrate it, makes the world seem magical. This is probably why most of us are obsessed with rom-coms. But every once in a while, we witness life in its happiest, truest form — where love seems to win us all. They’re not stories from movies and books, but from lives of people around us, who overcome all odds to make this world a better place, to love someone.

These are some stories that inspired people and left our hearts full.

1. Gay couple in Kolkata, who tied the knot this year. 

If we’re talking about the ‘wedding of the year’, THIS should be on the list. Abhishek Ray, a fashion designer, married his partner Cheitan Sharma in a wedding which had a mix of rituals from both the traditions – Bengali and Marwari. Given that same-sex marriages are not legal in the country yet, the couple mentioned how they wanted it to be a proper affair to celebrate love, because it’s not an offence either.

People live-in or perform small functions at home when they want to stay together. When we decided to marry, I told Chaitanya to do it in a way that it remains memorable for our friends and family.

-Abhishek Ray

2. Metaverse wedding reception.

Jagananandhini and Dinesh Siva hosted their wedding reception in the metaverse, which was also Hogwarts themed. Due to the Covid restrictions, the couple decided to perform the rituals in a small affair, but hosted a grand reception, after. The bride’s late father was also present in the metaverse — by creating A 3D avatar of him. It was designed and organized by TardiVerse, a Chennai-based tech start-up.

That was emotional, and I was incredibly happy that I got my father’s blessings.


3. The retired postmaster who built a replica of the Taj Mahal.

Faizul Hasan Qadri, a retired postmaster from Uttar Pradesh, built a ‘mini Taj Mahal’ in memory of his late wife, Tajamulli. He devoted all his savings, and farmland to his project after the death of this wife due to throat cancer, in 2011. Faizul Hasan Qadri has reserved space right next to his wife’s grave, where he wishes to be buried after his death. The structure and his countless efforts are a symbol of his love.

A number of people have offered me money that I have refused to accept so far. This is my personal endeavor for my late wife and embodies my love for her. So I should do this on my own.

-Faizul Hasan Qadri

4. A man built a bicycle that rides on water so he could get home to his wife on time.

Mohammad Saidullah from Bihar, built an amphibious bicycle just so he could meet his wife on time. The boats that went to his village were usually overcrowded and hence he wouldn’t reach home on time, to his wife. After being disappointed on a number of occasions, he decided to built a bicycle that works on both land and water. This story is a literal definition of ‘love not seeing bounds’. 


5. The trans couple who approached High Court to register marriage.

Manu, a transman from Thrissur and Syama, a trans woman from Thiruvananthapuram, had moved the Kerala High Court seeking to register their wedding as a marriage between two transsexual people. While they tied the knot in a traditional Hindu ceremony, they struggled a lot to get there. This is also why they thought that getting their marriage registered will help and inspire more people in the community.

We’re planning to approach Kerala HC to register our marriage under transgender identity, instead of the gender binary (male-female) under Special Marriage Act.



6. The groom who touched bride’s feet during their wedding ceremony.

In a beautiful wedding ceremony, that was surrounded by a lot of love, the groom touched the bride’s feet. It was seen as a way to ignore gender stereotypes, and made the internet happy for all the right reasons. Everyone was touched with this gesture of starting a relationship of equals.

7. The couple who signed a ‘modernized’ marriage contract.

In a new-age wedding ceremony, the couple made and signed their own contract, with promises that mattered to them. It included things like “sunday ko breakfast tum banaoge” and “shopping after every 15 days”. It was a fresh concept that made the internet smile, and also left some with goals for their own wedding.

8. The couple who fell in love at an old-age home.

Lakshmi Ammal met Kochaniyan Menon at the government-run old-age home in Trissur’s Ramavarmapuram. They had crossed paths before, as Kochaniyan had assisted Lakshmi’s late husband. After spending time with each other, and realizing their connection, the two decided to get married. The ceremony took place at the old-age home with all the rituals, including mehendi and sangeet.

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Love surely conquers all.