If there is one thing that makes us weak in the knees, it’s romantic wedding photographs that live in our head rent free. 

One such beautiful wedding photoshoot is that of yoga teacher and fitness instructor, Gera Ruth and her lovely Indian bride, Sarika Modi.

These two did not pick traditional pheras but instead, chose to do 4 pheras around a unity candle – complete with a mangalsutra. 

Their gorgeous outdoor red and white wedding is making us fall in love all over again. From Sarika’s jumpsuit to Gera’s gown, these brides look stunning. 

Can you feel the romance in the air?

The aesthetically wonderful wedding was shot by CARLY ROMEO + CO and the brides can be spotted sporting beautiful henna designs by Sadia Ahmed. 

In a post, Sarika shared how she came out to her parents at 32 and tied the knot with her wife 3 years later. And it has left us feeling all warm and fuzzy. 

BRB, crying tears of joy because this happily married couple is too perfect.