Every once in a while, we find something on the internet that can frame a new perspective – we even end up learning. On those days, it seems like a happy place. And this video of a teacher, talking about the need to teach students pronouns, feels just like that.


In the viral video shared on Twitter by Libs of TikTok, a teacher discusses about why children should be taught about pronouns at an early age. She mentions how assuming people’s pronouns is just like assuming their name. We’ve taken some steps in the right direction, but we still aren’t inclusive as a society – things that should be normalized are considered a special treatment.

Everyone has a pronoun and you shouldn’t be assuming what they are.

The teacher adds on how other teachers can talk about pronouns in the classroom – by not calling a person’s pronouns ‘preferred’ because it’s not a preference, but who the person actually is. This video is important because it focuses on the need to start a conversation in the classroom – which has a great impact. 

My pronouns aren’t my preference, it’s my gender. 

Watch the entire video here:

Because, it all starts from the classroom.