When it comes to adulting, most of us have either heard of or dealt with it ourselves; adulting is a hard, hard process. There is a lot to discover about it. So, this Reddit thread where people have shared things no-one prepared them for, regarding adulthood is an accurate example of what we’re saying!

Interested? Read on:

1. “Choosing what to make for dinner. Every. Single. Night.”


2. “Knowing what to do next. School is easy. The steps are mapped out. Your KPIs are clear. Adulting doesn’t come with a manual. Which is good, but also bad.”


3. “Being a caretaker to elderly, terminally or mentally ill loved ones is one of the hardest, most traumatic things you will do! It’s very rewarding, but holy shit you will have deep psychological scars too.”


4. “Getting by financially without a good paying job and dealing with feeling utterly defeated because even the good paying jobs aren’t enough. So why go through the trouble of trying to get one?”


5. “Coming to terms with the concept that working hard and doing the right thing will often not be rewarded.”


6. “Maintaining friendships. It was easy when we saw each other every day at school, but as adults, we both have to consistently make time and go out of our way to maintain that relationship while juggling a million other things.”


7. “Finding your place in this world.”


8. “There’s no adult switch like, ‘Okay! I’m an adult now!’ You don’t suddenly wake up and have this knowledge of how the world works. I was horrified when that wasn’t the case.”


9. “Long-term relationships can be frustrating to maintain or grow. Dealing with men in general. Overall, just getting up to go to work almost every day.”


10. “How emotionally-resistant supposedly mature adults get to facts they don’t like.”


11. “Finding your own way in this world and trusting yourself that you’re heading in the right direction.”


12. “Job hunting.”


Basically, adulting sucks.