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We’re planning to live on mars, and yet, still feel the need to abide by behaviour and beauty standards — doesn’t sit quite right, does it? Be it a woman or a man, no one can save themselves from the ominous claws of toxic standards. And while it all seems like fun and games, men are having a hard time coping with the stupid masculinity standards too. 

That’s right, we’re talking about toxic masculinity and judgement. And to start the conversation, here are 5 toxic masculinity standards that you must have witnessed, at least once in every while.

1. Your height is everything.

If you’ve ever read a Bumble bio, you’d know men often get judged for how tall they are. We can do away with judging people based on physical attributes, especially when it is something they cannot control. We will just be pretty sorted by checking the casual toxicity around how tall a man should be.

2. You’re a wuss if you indulge in self-care and grooming.

Men are often judged for attempting to take care of themselves. They are conditioned to think they do not need to care for their face and body. Not only that, men who indulge in skincare and grooming are sometimes labelled as less masculine. So, we can start with redefining masculinity away from care and hygiene choices. What do you think?

Speaking of skincare and grooming, we can’t help but point out how men are confused and lost when it comes to products curated for them. Men are unaware of the many options when it comes to beauty and grooming products. As a result, they are also made fun of for picking products meant for women. It also proves futile as men’s skin is 25 times thicker than women, sweats more, and is prone to oiliness and coarseness due to regular shaving. It’s just a loop of errors that needs stopping. It’s high time men are made aware of their fair share of beauty and grooming products that will provide the right nourishment for their skin!

Who can help you ask? Well, Emami Fair And Handsome has got your back! Fair And Handsome has curated, with utmost care, a range of face washes and creams for men. These products are designed keeping in mind men’s tough skin and needs and will leave the skin healthy, nourished and improved.

3. Your hobbies garner judgement.

As a man, your choice of hobbies is also influenced by societal judgements. We often witness people judging men based on the activities they choose to take part in. While there is nothing wrong with sticking to golf or video games, we should really look beyond the horizon. It’s time to be supportive of people expanding their capabilities in any field of their choice. (How about pottery classes, eh?)

4. Grow facial hair or you’re out of the club!

Another toxic masculinity standard is the conversation around facial hair. People tend to pick on men who cannot grow a beard like their life depends on it. The issue is grave enough to make most teenage boys scared at the thought of growing scanty facial hair and getting bullied. Again, what has facial hair got to do with masculinity?

5. You cannot shed tears.

Men are human beings and emotionally function the same way as anyone else. They feel the same emotions like we all do and it is okay for them to openly display it. It is about time for us to normalise men shedding tears or feeling emotions. We need to cut each other some slack regardless of gender IMO…

We can agree that the world can do without both toxic masculinity and pineapple pizzas (you can’t change my mind). And some considerate positive steps are all we need to wipe these evils right off the table, starting today!

Emami Fair And Handsome is also determined to take positive steps to redefine men’s grooming through their recent ‘Handsomegiri’ campaign. The campaign addresses how looking and doing good go hand in hand. It also highlights how values like honesty, kindness, humility, character, and personality play a primary role in making a man truly ‘Fair And Handsome’. A million dollar thought right there!

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