In today’s episode of bizarre cases, we bring to you a case you will remember the next time you TOUCH yourself. 

We, humans, have all sorts of weird habits, and collecting semen is one of them. No, this information is not deceiving. There are some men out there who have some sort of vessel to store their semen. 

The conversation

Though this practice may astound some of us, it’s a practice followed by many men.

A famous case from Reddit, where a young man ejaculated in a ‘cumbox’ & later, out of embarrassment, decided to set it on fire. 

Over the years, men have kept socks, towels, or any sort of clothes around to jizz into and keep it for weeks and years. 

The modest man

Meanwhile, a woman on Reddit posted a photo of the towel her boyfriend uses as a jizzrag (he does not wash it enough). It was covered with ants.

Now, this may sound terrifying, but the reason behind it is more bizarre. 

Mark E. Moffett, a research associate at the Smithsonian Institution, who specializes in ants, explained it quite simply. “All I can say is that protein and fats from any source can be tasty!” 


Don’t use socks next time. 

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