In association with Dove Men+Care

No matter who we are, we all have a common relationship dynamic with our fathers that is both unique and irreplaceable. It is full of love and care and yet, masqueraded with moments of silence and respect at the same time. A father’s love, for most of us, lies in hidden, silent, and soft gestures, away from society’s staunch definitions of strong and stoic masculinity. Be it slipping a few bucks into your pocket every now and then or coming home early on a weekday just to spend some time with you without admitting it, our fathers have had our backs defying societal expectations and breaking free from the constraints of traditional gender roles. And it’s high time we acknowledge and appreciate this struggle. And that is exactly what Dove Men+Care is doing in their Father’s Day campaign, #ManEnoughToCare.

Dove Men+Care, the globally loved men’s grooming brand has debuted in India recently. And to celebrate Father’s Day the right way, the brand has launched the #ManEnoughToCare campaign that aims to challenge and redefine conventional masculinity and urge men to embrace their emotions and sensibility. The main focus of the campaign is to celebrate the caring, emotional, and soft facets of masculinity. The brand beautifully portrays a poetic contrast between the traits that society expects men to possess against the nurturing, supportive, and playful imagery of new-age fathers in their campaign film. The video subtly shuns toxic gender norms by using conventional terms like ‘lifting’ and ‘getting one’s hands dirty’, to symbolically portray a father’s strong arms supporting his child in a swimming pool, or spending quality time painting together. Walking us through similar touching scenes of real-life fathers, the film recognizes and pays a perfect tribute to the invaluable role dads play in their children’s lives.

Alongside a strong campaign film, the brand has collaborated with male influencers across several niches to establish the same message with their own personal experiences and stories. Amongst these, the story that happens to get everyone teary-eyed is cricketer Cheteshwar Pujara’s tribute to his dad.

The cricketer has put up a heart-warming post revealing how his father has been a ray of sunshine in his life after he lost his mother at the age of 17. He goes on to talk about how his father’s habit of waking up to set a perfect breakfast spread for him every day never fails to set the tone for his day. He talks about how this daily gesture assures him of his dad’s immense care. The video ends with Pujara giving us a strong message to celebrate fathers who are #ManEnoughToCare.

To conclude, Dove Men+Care is really doing a great job at celebrating the silent care that our fathers have showered us with through the years. It is also urging young men to embrace their soft and caring sides and redefine manhood in its true essence for good. Not only this, but the brand is doing a great job at transforming grooming and care that is tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of modern Indian men. So, check out the Dove Men+Care page here. And watch the strong campaign film below. Also, Happy Father’s Day!