One of the common assumptions about men worldover is that they can’t cook, except for the chefs. It would be better if I say, many guys never learn how to cook, unless you are in a minority.

Cooking and cleaning are basic life skills that everyone should know irrespective of their gender. 

But this isn’t the case everywhere. Recently a guy ranted about his fellow flatmates not knowing how to cook even the basic things like tea or khichdi and how he ended up cooking for them despite being in bad health.

Today I was not feeling up for making dinner so I suggested he try making something simple but he flat out refused. Finally I had to give up and do it myself and it was so infuriating. I would even eat sub-par dishes if one at least makes the effort. It’s not rocket science for god’s sake. I literally cook for ALL of my male friends who visit me. I know people cook even less in some other cultures but this male entitlement to not cook or do utensils in our culture is just pathetic.

His rant got other men talking on the internet about cooking. Many came forward to share their stories.

This one person talked about how making rotis is the toughest of all and other guys joined him. Some even shared tips.

Fellow redditors shared pieces of wisdom like he should not always cook for his flatmates because cooking is a basic life skill.

There are men who find cooking therapeutic.

After all, it’s not that difficult for anyone to learn to cook basic food items. It’s more about feeling entitled.

Forget all stereotypes and societal standards, learn cooking because it helps you live independently as an adult.