Not everyone gets a fair shot at life. It hurts to watch how this claim gets intensified by people who already have it easy. And the better part of these ‘people’ includes *drumrolls* men.

Case in point: A Twitter user (Note: Male) made a long-ass Twitter thread on how he earned a Ph.D. and was promoted to CEO while having six kids. Sadly, not even a line in the thread displayed the effort of his wife.

I won’t even include the remaining privileged tweets from the thread here. Check it out for yourself if you want to get your rage flaring. I mean, did he honestly think he could accomplish everything by himself? LOL, he really thought that his top-tier narcissism would inspire others.

Sir, do you realise that your wife is handling a whirlwind of duties while you’re having the luxury of typing this tweet? Go. Help. Her.

Twitter users assembled and schooled this ‘organised’ man who conveniently missed to make his wife a part of his ‘secret to success’.

He claims that he has well received his lesson in this apology tweet. 

Let your wife go on a solo trip while you stay back with the CEO duties AND 6 kids, the secret will then flash before your eyes. Head up: Your Ph.D. won’t help.