Recently, a woman was mocked on the internet for the tremendously big crime of requesting for the song of her choice to be played as she walked down the aisle. People called her all sorts of names, including “drama queen”. Again, for requesting the DJ to play a song. On HER freakin’ wedding day.

So, we bring to you some of the reasons why men have cancelled weddings, to put into perspective what “drama” actually means and what happens when it turns into an offense.

1. Let’s start with the classics. This is one example out of thousands, or millions of cases over the years.

Times of India

2. As I said, millions of cases.

Times of India

3. How dare they not give him a Mercedes for free as they send their beloved daughter to live with him?

Times of India

4. And the request for a particular song seemed “unreasonable” to people.


5. No problem 65 lakh rupees can’t solve.


6. “Marries another woman”. Nauseating levels of entitlement. 

News 18

7. Might as well marry the saree then.

New Indian Express

8. “Oh, you passed out, possibly under tremendous pressure me and my family have put you through? Imma out.”

These are so offensive, even the word ‘tantrum” doesn’t begin to cover it.