At some point in our lives we all thought about ‘ what if I was a girl/ boy’, how different things would have been? 

Moved by this idea, Men on Reddit are discussing one quality they could steal from the ‘opposite gender.’ Let’s find out what they had to say. 

1. “Having a wider variety of socially acceptable clothing styles. I feel like girls can wear funky stuff and be cool. When I do it my friends tell me to calm down.”


2. “Multiple orgasms in close succession. Sometimes my wife has three in a row and then it’s like her mind dissolves into a cloud of bliss that lasts ten minutes. Looks nice.”


3. “Their ability to comfort others. There was a death in the family yesterday and my aunt took it rough and I was rubbing her back while she cried in an attempt to let her know someone was there and my sister came over and wrapped her in a huge hug and my aunt just melted. Whenever people start crying I have no clue what to do and I’m a little weird about my personal bubble which makes it harder to give hugs, etc.”


4. “Receiving compliments, not even to the degree they do, I just want more than 2 a year please.”


5. “For the opposite gender to hit on me.”


6. “Voice. Mine sounds like someone threw concrete into an engine block while it was running.”


7. “The ability to remember everything that has ever been said to me throughout the course of my life. My wife remembers very minute details of conversations from years ago.”


8. “The ability to be vulnerable/friendly and not get homophobic treatment while doing so.”


9. “Either no balls cause to me they’re annoying as hell or the fact that on average women have less body hair.”


10. “The ability to attract the opposite sex just by sitting at a bar alone for 10 minutes. I sit at a bar alone. I’m accused of being a loner, an alcoholic, someone who fought with a loved one trying to drown my sorrows, having no friends, running from the law, etc.”


11. “I would love to be able to exhibit the same level of compassion that some of the most amazing women in my life have shown me.”


12. “More expressive facial expressions from the eye smiles to the full smile. E just makes your smile more expressive.”


13. “No facial hair. That stuff is a mildly annoying thing to take care of. I’m light-skinned with dark hair and if I wanted a clean face I’d have to shave perfectly every day.”


14. “Intuition (in the social sense). Being able to tell someone’s intentions just from vibes”.


15. “To have to only walk a mile and get those naturally hammy calves women have. Leg days are good but I’m only getting half the results.” 


16. “Patience. My wife is so patient with our child. I wish I didn’t snap so much and get so grumpy over unimportant shit.”


17. “The ability to listen without providing advice. It’s so fucking hard to be an active, caring listener as a male. I’m always formulating solutions and it kinda sucks for both parties at this point.”


18. “As a male, I would take that instinctual, empathetic motherly intuition over anything else in existence any day.”


19. “Thought process. Sounds weird, but I’ve been told all my life that men and women think differently from each other. Women supposedly have more webbed and interconnected thought processes and focus, while men have more boxed thoughts and focus. Wouldn’t mind experiencing both if possible.”


20. “Wearing makeup. Every man you see on screen in the media has professional makeup applied but IRL we don’t look as good by a long way.”


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