More often than not while doomscrolling Instagram, you come across a reel that has you hooked. The next thing you do is unearth everything you can about the audio, including its lyrics, translation and even the meaning behind it to realise that it’s more profound than thought!

I underwent a similar exercise while listening to AP Dhillon’s not-so-romantic song Insane which, on the face of it, appears to be a song about a guy and a girl, however only if you deep-dive you’d know it’s not love but a red alert!


Once you move past the barrier of language, you’ll notice that Dhillon is addressing this song to the girls warning them about sinister intentions of all the brown munde out there, how ironic!

Check out the meaning of this song below and you’ll wonder who named him AP Dhillon and not a relationship guru?

Eh Munde Pagal Ne Saare

Gallan Waddiyan Wadde Laare 
Umar Di Hauli Addiye Tu 
Ni Bach Ke Reh 


All these boys are insane

They talk big and make bigger excuses
You are still young, girl 

Yep, where’s the lie though? If falling for every excuse they give as a valid reason was an art, we know we would be great artists.


Enna Ne Jhalli Kar Jaana 

Lokan Wich Kalli Kar Jana 
Satt Tethon Jarr Kithe Honi 
Bin Peeteyan Talli Kar Jana


They will make you go crazy

They’ll leave you alone in this world
You won’t be able to tolerate the pain
They’ll intoxicate you without alcohol

Yeah, we spotted these red flags way before but mistook them for a carnival.


Husan Tere To Ne Haare 

Karan Nu Firde Ne Kaare 
Gallan Wich Gall Tu Taali Ja 
Na Sunn Na Keh 


They’re lost in your beauty

They’re ready to create trouble
Try to ignore them somehow 
Neither listen them nor say anything

All this advice is great but triple texting is kinda my side hobby.


Utawale Hoye Paye Ne Taare 

Tod Tera Labhde Vichare 
Nazar Na Lag Jaye Duniya Di 
Mere Kole Beh


The stars have lost their minds

They’re trying to read you
The evil eye of the world shouldn’t cast on you
Sit close to me

If you are any different from them, then sure. 


Ni Manja Gall Tu Meri 

Agg Di Laat Kalli Kairi 
Bacha Ke Rakh Lavaan Tainu 
Kitte Na Kar Devi Deri 


Please, mark my words 
You are alone the flame of fire 
I shall save you 
Before it’s too late 

BRB, going to do exactly what this tweet said. 

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You can listen and groove to the entire song below but don’t forget eh munde pagal ne saare!