I’ve been humming it while cooking (or more accurately, while microwaving), singing incorrect lyrics in the shower, and stopping at every reel that plays it. Yes, it’s Harrdy Sandhu’s Bijlee Bijlee and it has taken over Instagram, my brain, and if you’re reading this article, then your brain as well. 


Harrdy Sandhu’s latest single is a lot like the songs that pass for Punjabi music these days (yes, this one is problematic, just not as much as most). 

And while it may not hold a candle to Sukhbir’s Ishq Tera Tadpave (nothing ever can), its tune *is* catchy AF. Similarly, the lyrics, while not groundbreaking, constantly worm their way in mind, causing me to bump into tables, walls, exes… okay, maybe the last one is not the song’s fault! 

Anyway, what I mean to say is that I have come to a point, where I even sit through the strange Russian mob interaction at the starting of the video, just to listen to the song. 

And if you’re anything like me, and have been humming the lyrics (correctly or incorrectly), then why not take a look at what the song actually means? Here you go: 

Ho chann di kudi badlan di behn 

Saare tainu bijlee bijlee kehn 
Jihde utte girdi bachda vi kakh ni 
Taare vi dar ke rehn 
Ho Cinderella 


Daughter of the moon, sister of the clouds

Everyone calls you lightning
No one can escape, once you strike
Even the stars are scared of your brightness
Oh Cinderella….

Ho Cinderella tere utte aaya 

Dil mera ghunghru paa ke nachaya 
Aa jehda kaala kajjal paya
Ludhiana saara hi pichhe laaya 
Tere takk ke goriye nain 


Oh Cinderalla, I’ve fallen for you

My heart dances in excitement, as if it is wearing anklets with bells (ghunghroo)
The black kohl/kajal that you wear
Has the entire town of Ludhiana falling for you
Every time they look at you

Ni tu jatt nu pasand ho gayi 

Garmi ch thand ho gayi 
Main tera chocolate 
Tu meri khand ho gayi 


This jatt likes you 

and that causes a cool breeze in summers
I’m like your chocolate
You’re like my jaggery

Main vi malang hoya 

Tu vi malang ho gayi 
Tirchi nazar teri 
Aashikan layi bhangg ho gayi 


I’m on top-of-the-world (in your love) and so are you

Your one look is like a drug for your admirers

Ho 3 phullan de jinna weight 

Main karan teri wait 
Tu ho jaaye chahe late 
Ho akhan teriyan ne aidan lagda 
Jihdan hare rang di lake 
Tu hare rang di lake, Lok tere naal photoan lain 


You weigh equal to the weight of 3 flowers
And I wait for you, even if you get late
Your eyes look like the color of a green lake

And people queue to take photos with you

Kamaal ae, kamaal ae, Bawaal ae, bawaal ae

Kashmiri seb ae, Too much laal ae 
Ho pariyan de naal di 
Sappni di chal di 
Hor ki tu bhaldi je Jaani tere naal ae 


It’s amazing and it’s crazy

You are rosy (red), almost like Kashmiri apple, 
You are like angels, and you walk like a dream
You don’t need to worry, as long as I’m with you. 

Ho koyi likhda teri zulfan te 

Koyi tere bullan utte likhde 
Hun saare tere te likhde 
Ni kehda phullan utte likhde 
Jaani warge vadde vadde shayar 
Tere kole aa behn 


Someone writes about your hair, 

someone writes about your lips
Everyone writes about you
Who even writes about flowers these days? 
Even the most well-known of poets
Come close and sit with you

You can listen to the entire song here: 

Well, at least now you know what you’re humming, right?

All images are screenshots from the song’s video on YouTube, unless specified otherwise.