I scroll on Instagram as much as the next person, which means that yes, I am on it for 12 out of the 24 hours in a day. 

And of those 12 hours, for 10 hours at least, I am listening to this: 

Chand di kudi, mitran di fan, saare tennu bijlee bijlee kehn
Jidde utte girdi bachda ni kakh ni, taare vi darrke rehn
Oh Cinderellaaaa…..

If you read those lines in a musical tone, then you know I am talking about Harrdy Sandhu’s latest single, Bijlee Bijlee, which has taken over Instagram Reels and now, my headspace, and am guessing, yours too?

B Praak, Jaani, and Harrdy Sandhu have easily created one of the most popular songs of the year that has one hell of a catchy tune. 


And even the lyrics are surprisingly not as sexist as most Punjabi songs. Which I know is not saying much, but small mercies here. 

It’s obviously not the first song to go viral on Instagram. I mean there was Bajre Da Sitta by Rashmeet Kaur that released earlier this year, Khanvict’s Closer, and many others. 

But none of them took a permanent place in my head. Now, all the voices in my head collectively scream Cinderellaaaa at random points during the day (especially, when I am in the middle of yet another call with my boss). 

Maybe it’s the beats, maybe it’s Sandhu’s voice, or maybe it’s because my mother was actually right, and iss phone ne zindagi barbaad kar di hai. 

Whatever be the case, I can now recite Bijlee in my sleep – and not just the portion that plays on Instagram. Because every time I hear it on Insta, I have to play it on YouTube.

And while I may not be able to strike any pose other than the shavasan in my Yoga classes, I am a pro at the hook step. 

Of course, I have also seen all the versions of Bijlee that influencers, Bollywood celebs, and random Instagram users have posted online. 

No points for guessing, Vicky Kaushal dancing to it, is my favourite!

And if you’ve stuck with me so far and are wondering, what exactly was the point of this article – well, it was to convince myself to forget the song by writing about how obsessed I am with it. It did not work, because I heard it thrice in the course of this one article. *Sigh*. 

Might as well listen to it together now, shall we?

Oh chand di kudi….