When we dressed up in our shimmery, colored dresses as kids, what was it usually for? A dance. Fancy dress competitions. Maybe a birthday party. Do you remember performing heavy metal music? 

But see, there are some things that are changing – amazingly so. For instance, this group of girls who were performing with a band. 


A Twitter user, Banjop, shared a video of a metal band who were seen performing, while a group of kids quite literally vibed with the music. The video is captioned ‘little angels turned heavy metal performers’, and that sounds like the perfect title. It can basically be their first hit album’s name. 


This video was recorded in Meghalaya, and has more than 14.2K views (at the time of writing this article). From the headbanging to the fact that they’re completely into it, the performance is more than fun, it seems perfectly synced. 

Honestly, you’ll end up watching it on loop. Twitterati clearly agrees.

Watch the complete video here:

I, personally, am a fan.