As heavy rainfall lashes over various parts of Uttar Pradesh, the persistent issue of potholes and waterlogging comes to the forefront once again. Residents of various colonies in Agra tried to draw the attention of the concerned authorities towards the dilapidated conditions of the roads but their issues were overlooked. Then, the residents of Agra took matters into their own hands and started a unique protest.

Residents in Agra renamed their colonies to accurately describe the roads’ situation. They renamed various colonies such as Awadh Puri, Man Sarovar, Navneet Nagar, etc. to ‘Narak Puri’, ‘Keechad Nagar’, ‘Ghinona Nagar’ and ‘Nala Sarovar’ in order to protest and embarrass the officials.

Speaking to ANI a resident said, “We’ve not received any help from the district administration. We’ve complained everywhere including MPs, MLAs, concerned departments, but all in vain. Politicians come here only for votes and then disappear.”

Awadh Puri colony which was renamed ‘Narak Puri’ is where cricketers like Deepti Sharma, Deepak Chahar, and several other national and international level sportsmen live. The protest received widespread coverage.

Agra colony
Source: Twitter / @ANI

This unique protest by the residents of Agra went viral on social media. Here is what netizens had to say.

According to the latest developments, a team of officials from the Agra Development Authority have pulled down the posters and have threatened the residents against any such protest in the future.