Unless you’ve been on ‘flight mode’, you must be aware of how comedian Kunal Kamra was banned by certain airlines from flying with them, after he heckled news reporter Arnab Goswami on an IndiGo flight. 

While Kamra has since then issued a legal notice to IndiGo, it appears the complete controversy has led to some ‘collateral damage’. And another Kunal Kamra is the one suffering for it. 

Comedian Kunal Kamra tweeted about another passenger, with the same name as him, whose ticket was canceled by Air India. 

flight-report (representational image)

According to India Today, ‘the other’ Kunal was supposed to fly from Jaipur to Mumbai on February 03, 2020, when he was informed at the check-in counter that his PNR had been canceled. Though the on-ground staff was very helpful, he ultimately had to furnish two identity proofs to get another ticket issued. 

The Air India people were very helpful, luckily, I had ample time before the flight, so everything was sorted out. What was most annoying for me was that the burden of proof was on me. I never received a proper explanation as to why MY ticket was canceled. Basically, the only reason they canceled my ticket is because my name is the exact same as that of another person. The problem with that is that if you were to cancel my ticket just based on my name, that is not acceptable because a lot of people might have the same name.
India Today

Of course, Twitterati wasted no time in commenting on the issue. 

What’s in a name? A canceled air ticket apparently!