When Air India flight crash-landed at the Kozhikode airport on 7th August, local residents immediately came to the crash site to help save lives of passengers. 


Even before first responders could reach the accident site, local residents rushed to the spot braving the heavy rains and Covid scare to save many lives. And, their efforts are being lauded by everyone. 


Even Air India took to Twitter to thank the locals of Malappuram for stepping up to help.

Even though the area was a Covid containment zone, volunteers rushed to the accident site to lend a helping hand. They didn’t even think about their own safety and health before stepping out to help, which is truly commendable. 

The localites arranged transports for the unconscious and the injured passengers in their own vehicles and they simultaneously arranged for taxis and ambulances too. 

Twitter also appreciated the local residents for helping. 

Currently, nearly 600 Keralites have been quarantined after helping with the rescue operation. 18 people, including the pilot and co-pilot, lost their lives in the crash.

Kudos to the people of Malappuram for coming to the rescue.