Given the amount of hair I lose, not being bald already is a miracle for me personally. But there are others who don’t share this pain and one can only wonder how great it must be.

Maharashtra’s Akanksha Yadav for instance, the length of her hair is 9ft 10.5 inches, which got her a spot in the Limca Book of Records, for its 2020-2022 edition.

Akanksha has been holding the record in the country since 2019 and has also gotten a place in the India Book of Records.

When asked about the secret behind such long lustrous hair by Indian Express, she said:

I don’t spend over 20 minutes on hair wash or other hair tasks during a day.

She is a pharmaceutical and management professional and says that her hair is a “blessing”.

Damn woman, just tell us what oil you use, please?