Sometimes, Twitter feels like a battlefield where two conflicted parties exchange bitter words — instead of arrows — and fight amongst each other. Although there’s no winner or loser in the Twitterverse, the beef keeps escalating. In today’s share of feuds, our opposing parties are students from Ashoka University & OP Jindal University, who’re always at odds with each other. There are also hundreds of neutrals who are annoyed with the entire exchange.

Apparently, people are comparing both universities to decide which one’s better. A Twitter user had once shared her experience as a meritorious student scoring 98.9 on the LSAT exam when Jindal offered her admission for free. That tweet became a private meme among students for some time. In the face of the present feud, it has resurfaced once again. Another user has begged people to not compare Ashoka University with OP Jindal, which seems to have triggered the discourse.

Ashoka University OP Jindal University Twitter user experience
Twitter | @yoongienthusias

Here’s how people supporting either of the two universities are reacting.

Amidst the perpetual rivalry between the students from the two universities, several others are dissing the entire discourse. Both Ashoka & OP Jindal have a high fee structure, failing to accommodate students from not-so-privileged backgrounds. Hence, by default, most students admitted to these universities are children born with a golden spoon.

People are calling this Ashoka vs OP Jindal rivalry frivolous since the two universities often get viewed as rich-only suburbs. Here’s how Twitter users against this entire discourse are reacting.

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