Time and again, I find myself helpless in coming here with a reminder that casteism is not dead cos many people out there think otherwise. But one thing I never imagined casteist people doing is bringing it into cricket since that sport is one of the few things that unites us all, keeping all ridiculous segregations aside. But guess what? There’s no new low when it comes to the casteist community.

Apparently, a Twitter user (@maheshperi) has shared a screenshot of the world’s most ridiculous exchange over Twitter, and it left me (as well as many other people) awestruck. It was a discussion about how a team captain with an inter-caste marriage can never ensure victory in any tournament.

So Rohit Sharma can’t lead the team cos he did what they call an ‘ICM,’ an INTER-CASTE MARRIAGE. Imagine the horror!

For the unversed, Anuloma is a union of a high-caste man with a lower-caste man. And Pratiloma is when a higher-birth woman weds a man of a lower birth. Basis this peculiar Twitter discussion, both types of unions are unacceptable, but Pratiloma (which Virat Kohli did by marrying Anushka Sharma) is much worse.

PS – No, I didn’t know this information before, I Googled it to make sense of what they’re saying. It’s still supremely idiotic.

Here’s how Twitter called this stupidity out.

Anushka Sharma keeps offending incels.

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