Due to the ongoing pandemic, there are some shocking stories coming to light. Recently, lockdown violators chopped off a cop’s hand in Punjab and even instances of doctors and nurses being harassed and assaulted are making headlines almost everyday. 

But, amidst all the bad that is happening around, there are some stories that are restoring our faith in humanity and brotherhood.

And Logan Mickel, the creative mind behind the comic series ‘As Much Good‘ believes we must focus on the good, rather than the bad. 

Through his illustration titled ‘The 2 OTHER Viruses Going Around Right Now’ Logan highlights selfishness and compassion (the two viruses) and the effects it is having on us in the current scenario. 

Let’s take you through his informative yet, beautiful comic strip.

Since the outbreak, people have been hoarding essential food items across the globe. 

People went into panic mode and even those who weren’t hoarding essential items in the beginning, started doing it after looking at other people. 

There was utter chaos and distress everywhere. 

However, there were still some thoughtful people out there, who didn’t indulge in panic buying.

Panic and hysteria took over people’s mind but, that should have been avoided at all costs. 

Selfishness can take over our lives if we aren’t self-aware because right now, that is the need of the hour. 

Greed, panic and most of all, selfishness has infected more than half the world and it seems to be more dangerous than Covid-19. 

Take these examples for instance. 

A guy from Tennasse hoarded more than 17,000 bottles of hand sanitizer. Was that even neccesary?

There were also some political personalities who said increasing stock prices was important than treating human lives in these difficult times. Tch! Tch!

And then, there were some who were treating Covid-19 patients badly. They were being assaulted, heckled and discriminated against. 

But, there were some good things also happening around us. 

In these crucial times, selfless, kind, compassionate humans also came out to help those in need. 

Like, neighbours in Italy sang together in solidarity to keep their spirits high. 

Even a landlord from New York refused take rent from hundreds of tenants for the month. 

A man from Detroit also used his savings to buy gas for more than 50 nurses. 

Even a guy at Walgreens helped an elderly couple, who were looking for toilet paper, by taking them to different stores till they found some.  

These illustrations highlight the fact that, in the end, compassion and kindness always win. 

He concludes his illustration with this powerful image. 

Good times and bad times will come and go but, the values we hold stay on with us forever. So, let’s embrace the humanitarian approach because, in the end, that’s what defines who we really are.

Selfishness needs to go. 

And, humanity needs to shine. 

Indeed, a very powerful message. 

All images taken from here