On January 30, 2020, India recorded its first case of Covid-19 in Kerala. Since then, India has recorded a total of 18,970 cases, of which 3,290 have recovered and 601 have, unfortunately, succumbed to the virus. 

Covid19 India Numbers
Source: Covid19India

With 4,666 cases, Maharashtra has recorded the highest number of positive cases. Additionally, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and UP saw a considerable increase in the cases in the past few days.  

Covid19 India State Numbers
Source: Covid19India

But, at the same time, Goa and Manipur became the first two Indian states to be Covid-19 free. 

As per reports, the case-doubling rate i.e. the rate at which the cases are doubling has also slowed down to 7.5 days. Earlier it was 3.4 days. 

Social Distancing in India
Source: Livemint

However, the government is still struggling to provide adequate compensation and protection to daily wage earners and migrant workers. 

Migrant Workers
Source: Money Control

There also continues to be a shortage of protective equipment for frontline workers, doctors, and nurses. Instances of discrimination and abuse against healthcare workers and doctors have also come up.

Source: Quartz

Currently, India is on a nationwide lockdown till May 3.