I read somewhere that living in Delhi at this time is like smoking 32 cigarettes a day. The city is a gas chamber where smog-filled days and frequent breathlessness accompany the day-to-day activities of Delhiites, as schools and offices are shutting down once again to protect people from an air quality oscillating between very poor and severe.

Air pollution toxic air in India, Delhi NCR

At present, the overall air quality index (AQI) of our national capital is severe at 408. For the unversed, an AQI between 0-50 is considered “good,” 51-100 “satisfactory,” 101-200 “moderate,” 201-300 “poor,” 301-400 “very poor,” and 401-500 “severe.”

But amidst all of this, our Dilli love is quite eternal. So here we are listing the best places in Delhi that’ll take your breath away, quite literally!

1. Bawana

Located in the North-West region of the capital city, Bawana tops the list with an AQI of 450 that falls into the severe category. Bawana Fortress is hooded with toxic air as we write this!

2. Rohini

With an AQI OF 437, residents of Rohini breathe a toxic, ‘severe’ air.

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3. Anand Vihar

With a slight improvement in AQI, the air quality in Anand Vihar dropped from severe to very poor at 394. Although, please note there’s nothing to celebrate since the air is still very toxic.

4. Lodhi Road

Residents of Lodhi Road are inhaling very poor air with an AQI of 371.

5. ITO

Wanna feel the oh-so-happening vibes of ITO area? The AQI of 396 is enough to take your breath away.

6. Narela

Located in Northern Delhi and sharing a border with Haryana, the industrial Narela is quite a gas chamber with a severe 452 AQI.

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7. Patparganj

Today, Patparganj breathes a severe air of 420 AQI.

8. Vivek Vihar

Vivek Vihar is a little ahead in the race of breathlessness with an AQI of 426.

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9. Ashok Vihar

People in Ashok Vihar are breathing a severe air of 425 AQI.

10. Mundka

The air in Mundka is highly polluted with a severe AQI of 434.

severe air qulity in delhi
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11. Noida

Coming to NCR, Noida continues to breathe a toxic air of 369 AQI. The officials of Gautam Budh Nagar have ordered for schools to hold online classes upto Class VIII.

12. Gurugram

Residents of Gurugram breathe a very poor air quality of 356 AQI.

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Step out for a fresh morning walk, and you’ll come home with suffocated inner systems. People are blaming it on the Government; the Govt. is pinpointing the stubble burning from Punjab. We can go on and play the blame game and search for accountability as many of us struggle to breathe with a burning throat and itchy eyes. But when does it stop?

Did one person or one entity effed us all, or is the current state an index of a collective failure?

Source: The New Indian Express