The Delhi Police recently arrested a priest and three male employees of a crematorium near Delhi Cantonment area for allegedly raping and killing a 9-year-old Dalit girl.

The accused allegedly cremated the minor without her parents’ consent at Old Nangal crematorium on Sunday, 1st August.

As per reports, the girl lived with her parents at village old Nangal in front of crematorium. The incident happened when she went to fetch cold water from the water cooler at the crematorium on Sunday evening. Just a few minutes later, the priest at the crematorium and two other men called her mother and showed her the dead body of the girl.

The accused allegedly told her that the girl got electrocuted while having water from the water cooler. They tried to convince her against making a call to the police by saying that the police will send her body for postmortem, where the doctors could steal her daughter’s organs.

According to the statement given by the woman, the accused told her:

The best decision would be to cremate her daughter.

The girl’s body was cremated without her mother’s consent. Soon after, her parents and other villagers gathered outside the crematorium to protest.

The incident has led to widespread outrage on Twitter. Following which Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal tweeted that justice will be served.

#JusticeForDelhiCanttGirl also started trending on Twitter.

The police have informed that the suspects including a 55-year-old priest and others have been taken into judicial custody and the investigation will be completed as soon as possible.

May justice prevail and the accused get the punishment they deserve for the henious crime.