Almost every woman on social media receives a certain type of comments, irrespective of the content that they post. No, we’re not referring to our girlfriends complimenting them and gassing them; instead, we’re referring to nasty insults that are made out of the blue.

It is terrible how prevalent and accepted it has become on digital platforms that the comment section is frequently deluged with offensive words/threats and calling out unpleasant remarks has proven to be challenging since people have, to the biggest astonishment, grown very accustomed to saying them in publicly.

A user of Instagram by the name of lawgicalconnect, however, did not allow any barriers to stand in the way of facing the man threatening her online. The woman reported the man to the police after receiving numerous rape threats from him, resulting in the arrest of the offender.

In fact, she spoke on the platform about how disgusting and terrifying it has been for her over the past few months. She emphasised the fact that having such an experience surely has an impact on one’s mental health in addition to saying that she intends to call out creeps who behave in such a manner.

Predictably, her Instagram followers commended her for taking the courageous step and asked her to elaborate on the procedure so that other women who have had similar experiences might gain from it.

woman Cyber bullied
Woman Cyber bullied
Woman Cyber bullied

In response to the requests, the user promised to soon post a video outlining all the requirements in her most recent Instagram story.

Man gives rape threat to woman

While we praise the woman for standing up for herself, we also need to acknowledge that not all women can act in the same way in similar situations. The victim frequently holds back out of concern that they will be shamed or subjected to further harassment if they speak up.

In fact, women are reluctant to report crimes or file lawsuits because they don’t believe they will cooperate, which has happened in many cases.

We do hope that it becomes easier for women to file a complaint, and more so, that there is no need for it in the first place.