If you are in Delhi, take notes, as Liquor shops in Delhi will remain closed for 45 days. The national capital has decided to close private liquor shops from October 1.

Nearly 260 private shops will not function after 30 September as their licence will not be renewed. 

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It is because of the Delhi government’s new excise policy and the process of closure of shops has started. Only government-run shops will be allowed to open from October 1 to November 16.

According to the new excise policy of the Delhi government, liquor will be sold in Delhi from November 17.

The shop owners are no longer adding new stocks, as many may close down forever. Furthermore, not all shops will be closed. There are 849 liquor vends in the city, a majority of which are run by government agencies

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What is the new policy all about?

The Delhi government in July announced the new excise policy for 2021-22. The new policy aims to give better opportunities and clean up the liquor mafia in the city. 

The new excise policy seeks an equitable distribution of liquor stores in the city by splitting it into 32 zones.

As of now, retail liquor sale licences have already been allocated to the highest bidders in 32 zones, each having around 10 wards and 27 liquor vends.

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The Deputy Chief Minister, Manish Sisodia, said. 

After the implementation of the new excise policy, the experience of liquor selling will change. The Delhi government had a revenue collection of about Rs 6400 crores through excise during 2019-20. After the introduction of the new excise policy, it is estimated to increase about Rs 3,500 crores, now the Delhi government hopes that through the new excise policy, annual revenue of about Rs 10,000 crores will be available.

The policy allows retailers to decide the selling price. The new vends will be bigger & with better facilities. 

Under this new policy, the Delhi government is aiming to earn around ₹10,000 crores in the next year under the new excise regime.