Among various reasons why Delhi Metro has been in the news lately, today is altogether different and special (depending on which way you take it). So, apparently, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is now allowing people to carry alcohol across all lines. YES. But of course, there are certain terms and conditions.

DMRC permits two sealed alcohol bottles, twitter is divided

Like you can only carry a maximum of two sealed bottles of liquor, and you CANNOT drink inside the Delhi Metro premises. It’s STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

“As per an earlier order, carrying of alcohol was banned in the Delhi Metro except on the Airport Express Line. However, subsequently, a committee comprising officials from CISF and DMRC has reviewed the list, and as per the revised list, two sealed bottles of alcohol per person is allowed to be carried on the Delhi Metro at par with the provisions on the Airport Express Line”, DMRC reportedly said in a statement.

However, if any individual is spotted behaving indecently under the influence of alcohol, “suitable action shall be taken under the relevant provisions of law.”

Delhi Metro allows alcohol
The Economic Times

In response to a query on Twitter, DMRC acknowledged carrying two sealed bottles is allowed in Delhi Metro earlier today.

Naturally, this development has courted a range of reactions on social media. Some are truly happy with the decision, while others view it with a sense of foreboding.

All in all, here’s what people are saying on Twitter.

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