It was supposed to be just another Friday for Amit Prakash when he thought he would unwind with a few drinks after work. But he drank a tad too much and in a series of unfortunate events (that sound like the plot of a Hindi movie), he lost his car, laptop, mobile phone, and ₹18,000 in cash.

Amit Prakash, a resident of Greater Kailash-II, went to a BYOB in Gurugram‘s Golf Course Road. He knew he was “very drunk” when he misread the MRP of a bottle of wine as ₹20,000 instead of ₹2000. He realised it when the shopkeeper returned him ₹18,000 IN CASH.

Representative Image | Source: Food & Wine

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In a peak Delhi-NCR incident, a stranger asked him if he could join him for drinks in his car. He obliged and the two men drank to their heart’s content. He drove up to Subhash Nagar from Golf Course Road with the man. But when the man asked Amit to get out of his own car, he got down and took an auto to the Huda City Centre metro station. Amit took the metro home.

Representative image of a BYOB in Gurugram | Source: Magicpin

When the alcohol wore off the next day, Amit realised what had happened. He filed an FIR with the Sector 65 police, but he was so drunk that he could not recall the details of his drinking-buddy-turned-absconding-thief.

This epic piece of news is amaking rounds on the internet. Some are amused by this story, while others learnt a valuable lesson, thanks to Amit. Here’s what people have to say about it.

Peak Delhi is giving strong competition to Peak Bengaluru.

P.S.: Drinking and driving is a punishable offence.

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