Raise your hand if you have ever bought expensive clothes or any other luxurious item. You know how most of us end up lowering the rate or sometimes hiding the bill from our mom and dad. For those who can afford luxury and have been in this situation, know what it takes to reveal the price to your parents. Yep, that look. Remember when a daughter bought a Gucci belt worth ₹35,000 and showed it to her mom?

Screenshots from the viral clip

Likewise, a man apparently bought an ultra-expensive sneakers worth ₹4 lakh and showed them to his father. A video of how his dad reacted to the shoes has caught our attention on Instagram.

An Instagram user (@ypmvlogs) posted the clip on the platform in which he can be seen handing over a pair of Nike SB Chunky Dunky sneakers to his dad. “Arey ye chunky dunky…haan Dubai mein dekhe the…bahot sundar hain…Kitne ke hain?” his dad asks while checking out the sneakers.

Source: ypmvlogs

When the man’s dad gets to know the price, he goes like, “Pagal ho gaya hai? Itne ke joote?” His dad then keeps the shoe back and folds his hands.

Watch the clip here:

Netizens have mixed reactions after watching the clip:

Some Instagram users were surprised to see the price of the sneakers in the clip and came up with hilarious reactions. A section of them didn’t believe its cost after noticing the basic cardboard box.

We checked the official website of Nike and here’s what it says. As per the website, the price of Nike’s SB Dunk Low x Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Dunky sneakers is shown as Malaysian Ringgit 389 (₹7,040 approx.)

Source: Nike

However, Farfetch, an international e-commerce website, is selling this pair of sneakers at $5,026 which costs around ₹4,13,041 approximately.

Source: Farfetch

While we have no idea whether he bought its replica or got them on sale, his dad’s reaction is quite relatable to those who are broke right now.