Earlier on Saturday, May 31, Elon Musk’s Space X made history by becoming the first commercial company to launch a rocket (Falcon 9) carrying humans into the orbit. 

Veteran NASA astronauts Dough Hurley and Robert Behnken safely and successfully entered the International Space Station on Sunday after a 19-hour-long journey. 

However, Netizens noticed the presence of a third crew member in their spacecraft which was a shimmery, plush stuffed dinosaur. The video of this dinosaur floating in the Falcon’s capsule has taken the internet by surprise.    

But if you’re wondering, what that stuffed dino was doing in space and envying his stars for escaping Earth and 2020, welcome to the club.  

But after a bit of research, we discovered that the toy acted as a ‘zero-g indicator’. This means that this adorable dino has a huge role to play. When it started floating around the capsule, dino indicated to the crew members that they had reached zero gravity. 


And as surprising as it sounds, this is not the first time that a toy was flown to space with the astronauts.  

However, there was a heartfelt story behind picking this stuffed dinosaur. Both astronauts Behnken and Hurley have a son, each and both of their boys are dinosaur enthusiasts. 


So before the launch, both the boys put all their dinosaur toys and then this sparkly, dino- astronaut was picked to accompany their fathers into space. 

The Verge

Various reports say that the four-legged sparkly astro-dinosaur is called Tremors. The two astronauts clarified the presence of their third passenger on board and said: 

We do have an Apatosaurus aboard. 

Well, looks like science has come a long way. It has managed to put a dinosaur in space, who would have thought?