If you have ever travelled on a plane, you know there are certain rules and regulations we need to follow. While most of us ignore the safety instructions carried out by flight attendants, this one is epic.  

A flight attendant grabbed passengers’ attention on a flight to Amsterdam when he delivered the safety measures in the most entertaining way.

In the viral video, Easyjet’s Zavie (flight attendant) is seen grooving with a life jacket and explaining the safety instructions and managing breath in water. You cannot just miss his on-point expressions as they are so good. 

Have a look:

As per reports, The video was captured by a passenger, Laura Saraby, 27, on July 8 and shared on TikTok. 

This is not the first time a flight attendant has captured our attention. There have been times when they have made us proud, including when cradling an aggravated child or celebrating birthdays on air.

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