The Mumbai Metrorail Corporation Limited (MMRCL) recently got approval to cut down around 2,702 trees in order to build a metro 3-car shed in Aarey Colony of Mumbai.

The approval, given by BMC tree authority, was widely criticised by people who today formed a human chain in order to protest the cutting of trees.

It was earlier reported that the BMC received as many as 82,0900 complaints against the decision, which was still not enough to change the officials’ minds.

With no other option left, the people of Mumbai – including some celebrities – formed a human chain today to stop this from happening.

The pictures of them braving the rain with umbrellas in their hands are now going viral on the internet, with some calling it the ‘longest’ human chain.

Earlier, an expert from the tree authority, had backtracked and quit from his position after severe backlash by the people.