We have seen a fair share of textbooks explaining ‘the merits of dowry‘, teaching that fair skin is beautiful, or problematic questions on qualities a girl needs to get married. 

But today, this particular chapter on ‘changing gender roles’ in the Class 3 Social Science textbook is the change we all are rooting for. 

The ICSE textbook includes a chapter titled “Changing Roles of Girls and Boys” that moves away from the gender binaries and teaches the children about gender fluidity. It explains how the roles of men and women are changing over time, and it has nothing to do with what their gender is.

The chapter gives an example of how girls and boys are expected to play different roles both inside and outside the house. 

Have a look:

The textbook chapter was originally posted on Facebook with the caption, “In class three social science book. Sigh! The world is changing for good.”

Twitterati is impressed to see how a class 3 textbook is acknowledging the changing roles of girls and boys in our society. 

Indeed, these little steps will bring the change we want to see in our society. One chapter at a time!

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