This article is about the filthy comments made by our 'leaders' on rape. 

And I personally think it's very important to know that. To know who you are voting for. To know what people in power think. To know what humans have become.  

However, before we get to that, I want you to go and read the definition of rape according to the Indian constitution. The definition, in itself, is flawed (marital rape IS rape). 

rapes in India
Source: Indian Kanoon

Now add to that, the injustice, the fact that women aren't allowed to study and work like men, that they let many instances of sexual assault slide because they have been told it is 'normal' for men to behave that way.

With that as the backdrop, read the statements below. And get infuriated, and demand justice.

surendra singh comment on rape
Source: NDTV
West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on rape cases
Source: News 18
Ramsevak Paikra on rape
Source: Washington Post
Babulal Gaur on rape cases
Source: Reuters
mohan bhagwat on rapes
Source: NDTV
Markandey Katju on rapes
v dinesh reddy on rapes
Source: Hindustan Times
Sube Singh Samain  on rape cases
Source: Times of India
Sunil Kumar on rapes
Source: DNA
dharamvir on rapes
Source: Times of India
Jitender Chhatar on rapes
Source: Times of India
Dipak Haldar on rapes
Source: Rediff
asha mirje on rapes
Source: India Today
mulayam singh yadav on rape
Source: NTDV
Manohar Lal Khattaron rapes
Source: News 18
KS Eshwarappa on rapes
Source: India Today
ramesh bias on rapes
Source: Times of India
satyadev katare comment on rapes
Source: DNA
Kailash Vijayvargiya comment on rapes
Source: India Today

At this point, the phrase 'India's daughter' feels like an abuse. If you are going to violate her, cut her into pieces, light her on fire, leave her to die, and then blame her for all of it - then sorry, we don't want to be your daughter.

Creatives by: Nupur Agrawal.