We live in a world where everything and anything is associated with gender. From work, clothing, hobbies, and roles, we are confined to behave in a certain way because of course, log kya kahenge.

A video of an Indian choreographer, Jainil Mehta, from the streets of New York is going viral for all the right reasons.  

While a lot of us hesitate to express ourselves, this Indian man is creating waves on social media dressed in a kurta and skirt.

In his Instagram series, #MenInSkirts, Jainil aims to make clothing more inclusive and normalize men wearing skirts.   

Talking about his journey in an Instagram post, Jainil said: 

I began my dance journey when I was 7. I used to steal my mother’s dupattas and skirts, lock the room, play some romantic music and twirl. I never realised why I locked myself up – probably because I felt it was strange for men to wrap around a skirt or cloth around the waist.

From dancing inside his room to moving to New York to study dance professionally, and now twirling in Bollywood music. His confidence has blown our minds. 

I started wearing skirts in my dances. Dance has always made me feel secure and known, and this was the perfect way for me to face my fear and society.

Jainil found his confidence in dancing, and his love for lehengas emerged while watching Bollywood films. 

One day, I watched a Bollywood film, where the actress was dancing in a lehenga. I was awestruck by its flair & thought, ‘I wish I had a lehenga like that too!’ So I ran towards my mom’s closet, and pulled out a long skirt. It was my 1st instance of wearing a skirt & it felt like nothing could make me happier than twirling to Bollywood songs in lehengas!

 Here are some more videos of Jainil to awestruck you!

Clearly, he is a Bollywood buff! 

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