One thing we all love to see is a happy-go-lucky person doing their work and spreading that happiness to everyone they encounter. And this golgappe wale bhaiya is doing just that.


Rahul, owner of Murli Batashe Wale in Kanpur showed the internet just how multifaceted he is in this video posted by YouTube Swad Official. In it he’s seen talking in English and impressing everyone with his confidence. 

Myself Rahul. A very common name. And we are the famous graduate golgappe wala, My father is very famous for his paanipuri and we use homemade masalas to make everything.

The video has about 37.3K likes and endless comments on it praising his outspoken and jolly nature. You can watch the whole video here. 

This is how some people reacted to the video.


Definition of being multitalented. 

The video/images have been sourced from YouTube Swad Official’s Instagram page.